self leadership courses by Emily Maroutian

Are you leading your life, or are you just managing it?

If you’re struggling with various aspects of your life, there’s a good chance that you’re also struggling with negative thoughts, upsetting emotions, unhealthy behaviors, or unproductive habits. These internal processes determine how we experience our lives and how we move forward from those experiences. Without self-leadership, we are servants of our emotions, moods, and impulses, bouncing from one reaction to another. We operate on autopilot, creating our outcomes from default-mode. Then, we wonder why nothing ever changes.

You are either the cause in your life, or you’re just the manager of the effects.

Self-leadership means to live deliberately, to choose on purpose, and to take ownership of yourself. Self-Leaders are guided by their own internal compass. They are open to bettering themselves because they understand that genuine life changes occur from the inside out. They don’t allow their emotions or actions to be controlled by other people’s emotions and actions. They are self-led. If you are ready to take more control over how you lead your life, then my courses are for you. They are designed to help you learn how to develop the necessary tools and habits for self-leadership. It's time for you to step into your best self. Don't put it off another minute. Your life awaits your leadership.

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