Welcome to my school! My name is Emily Maroutian, and I'm a bestselling, award-winning author and philosopher. I am also the founder of Maroutian Entertainment (ME). I have written more than ten books on the subjects of philosophy and psychology. I've studied both fields for more than 15 years and combine them in my work for the most effective results.

I have healed or worked through C-PTSD, Agoraphobia, Depression, Social Anxiety, Codependency, Panic Disorder, and Disassociation. I was a product of my upbringing and didn’t have much control over which disorders I developed as protective mechanisms. Who I am now and what I’ve become today are a result of me choosing a different way. It wasn’t an easy path, but I walked it because I believed in a better life for myself. I chose me. 

If you’re here then there’s a good chance that you’re ready to choose yourself too. I want to help make your journey easier through this school. I have incorporated the best of what I've learned to bring you the most effective methods for developing stability and wellbeing. I've helped thousands of people ease negative thoughts, relieve upsetting emotions, develop healthier habits, and become more empowered in their lives. If that aligns with what you want for yourself, then let's begin!

Emily Maroutian, your future instructor